Buy Maternity Pants Online - 26th May 2014

Achieve comfort, convenience and style with My Tummy UK’s range of maternity pants. During pregnancy maternity pants are a desirable, not to say essential, wardrobe staple. Say goodbye to tired gym suit misery and say hello to elegant pregnancy trousers.

Here at My Tummy UK we stock a select range of maternity pants and maternity fitness pants at excellent prices, available to purchase via our website easily and instantly. Visit us here to view our gorgeous range of maternity pants and order your soon-to-be indispensable pair. The quality and flexibility of the trouser material allows you to wear them regardless of the occasion. Dress your maternity pants up for an evening out, or dress them down for wearing in the house. They’ll live through everything with you.

Not only will this sartorial garment see you through the latter stages of your pregnancy but they are also ideal to continue wearing long after the birth has passed. Buy maternity pants online with us at My Tummy UK to keep you comfortable throughout and after your pregnancy. 


Buy Pregnancy Pants - 19th May 2014

Pregnancy Pants are a necessity at some point during those nine months. Jeans will work during the initial months but as your pregnancy advances that favourite pair of jeans will have to be tossed aside in favour of something non-restricting and stretchable. In fact, during the latter stages of pregnancy, wearing non-maternity pants or jeans may bring about pain and physical discomfort.

At this stage, it’s time to buy pregnancy pants. Maternity pants stand for convenience, comfort and style. Yes, style.

At My Tummy UK we offer maternity fitness pants, wearable on any occasion and made from quality textile material. A feature of our maternity pants is the sewn belt to the abdomen, so zips and buttons are a thing of the past. The best part is that our maternity pants grow as the expectant mother grows. So regardless as to your size at 8 ½ months, these maternity pants will always fit you well, and they can be worn in the weeks after giving birth too.

To find out more about My Tummy UK and the range of pregnancy pants we have on offer, visit our website here

Pregnancy Skirt - 12th May 2014

Feel Good, Look Good, with our Maternity Skirts

Comfort and style are not two words that go together very often, especially if you are an expectant mum.  Do not get depressed over this however, because that is about to change.  Pregnancy or maternity skirts have now hit the streets and are a very popular item of our product range.


Like with all maternity clothing, they are designed with comfort in mind.  Growing another human being can lead to a lot of discomfort and sometimes this can be painful as well as annoying.  Clothes can feel clingy and irritating.  Pregnancy skirts change that by ensuring you have room to manoeuvre as you go about your day to day activities.


They also afford you plenty of style.  Why mope about in clothes you do not like?  Maternity skirts still show off your figure or indeed hide it.  The range of styles caters for all requirements, and as someone who is pregnant you will be pleased to know that a choice of colours is available.


The wonderful thing about maternity skirts is that they feel nice to wear.  The fabrics are soft and yet easily manageable, and they make you feel good on the inside.  Feeling good, comfortable, and relaxed is a factor of a successful pregnancy.

Take a look at our Maternity Skirts

Maternity skirts are now in stock and are flying off the shelves.  Second only in popularity to maternity pants.  With this in mind why not take a look at our products and ensure you enjoy your pregnancy in comfort and style and feel good.

You can view our product range by following this link: Pregnancy skirts, or you can email us:

The sooner you order maternity clothes, the sooner you can be comfortable yet stylish.

Buy Maternity Pants Online - 27th April 2014

Be Comfortable and Stylish During Pregnancy

Today's maternity pants have come a long way since the old track suit bottoms and dungarees expectant mothers used to wear.  Today, you can expect maternity pants to keep pace with trends, afford you comfort, and be easy to put on and take off.  As you come to full term you never know when you will need to be able to get out of them quickly!  

This is where the sewn in belt comes in handy.  No need to mess around with buttons or zips, simply slip on your maternity pants and slip them off.  They have also been designed to grow with your pregnancy, so you do not have to worry about finding the right size.  They are made with materials which are kind to the skin.  

The importance of comfort from your clothes during pregnancy cannot be overstated.

Style is Important

We all want to look good even at times of discomfort.  Maternity pants cater for this.  They come in a range of styles and colours to suit any look.   Thanks to the range available, you can be sure your maternity pants go well with your top and your shoes.  A woman has to look good after all.

After Pregnancy

After you give birth your maternity pants will still be needed.  As well as being able to grow with your bump they will also be able to shrink!  So you can still be comfortable and stylish as you return to your shape.

Buy Maternity Pants Online

Why you're looking at maternity pants why not look at the rest of our clothing range?  We have everything to keep you comfortable and stylish during pregnancy.

Finding the Right Maternity T-Shirts Online - 30th March 2014

When you’re pregnant, it can be difficult to find the right t-shirts, especially if your normal style is fairly fitted and snug. Yes, you could carry on wearing those, but you’ll find there’s a growing gap between the bottom of your shirt and the top of your trousers, and that’s not a great look, not to mention stretching your favourite t-shirts beyond redemption. Alternatively, you could raid your other half’s wardrobe, but really, who wants to wear men’s t-shirts anyway? No, the answer is to find a source of really fabulous maternity t-shirts, that are not only comfortable, but also flattering and fun to wear.

My Tummy has a great selection of all kinds of maternity clothes, including some great t-shirts that will fit all through your pregnancy. With cute pictures of storks, babies and hearts, there are plenty of choose from. Or you could just opt for smiley faces and show the world how happy you are! All these are just £16.28. Alternatively, why not go for two in one, and get a set of maternity shirts, with a wide-strapped vest top and loose t-shirt that you can wear either together or separately?

For more information, or advice on finding the right maternity clothes for you, email

Breast Feeding Clothes - 16th March 2014

Breast feeding can be awkward for some mothers; there will always be that disapproving onlooker should you decide to breastfeed your baby in public. It’s a perfectly natural and beautiful process and in a lot of cases, you don’t have much of a choice – because hungry babies don’t know how to wait for you to find a secluded spot. But there are still a lot of people out there who frown upon it.
That is why My Tummy, an online shop offering the highest quality clothes for pregnant women and new mothers, have invented a sensational range of breast feeding clothes. My Tummy are dedicated to putting new mothers at ease, so they have devised revolutionary and discreet breast feeding clothes, such as their breast feeding blouses, which allow you to breast feed your baby anywhere. The delicate, almost invisible zippers provide easy access to the breast without anybody knowing. My Tummy’s breast feeding blouse is designed to be practical, functional and discreet, while also being comfortable and fashionable.
My Tummy stock a huge range of other breast feeding clothes, too, including nursing t-shirts and tops. The nursing top has a built in bra, so you do not need an extra nursing bra. All of My Tummy’s breast feeding clothes and maternity clothes come in a wide range of colours and designs. If you want to take some of the awkwardness and discomfort out of breast feeding, look no further than My Tummy’s excellent breast feeding clothes at

Maternity Clothes - 2nd March 2014

Are you sick and tired of endlessly looking for maternity clothes? Let My Tummy help. My Tummy will help you find clothes that are comfortable, that fit and that make you look beautiful. If you are pregnant, you have enough to deal with, without worrying about what you should wear.

My Tummy are an online shop which offer the highest quality maternity tops, maternity blouses, maternity T-shirts, maternity trousers, breastfeeding blouses, nursing T-shirts and nursing tops with built in bras. All of their clothes are appropriate, practical and functional, manufactured from the highest quality materials which have received the Certificate Öko-Tex Standard 100. This means they are free of harmful substances and will not cause allergies. But most importantly for you, they look and feel good.

Within their huge range of maternity clothes, My Tummy also have a selection of funny maternity shirts guaranteed to put you in a good mood and make you smile. There is also a small selection of baby clothes on offer. All of their maternity clothes are astonishingly affordable, and there is a 40% off sale now on, which is even more exciting. Furthermore, the top priority for My Tummy is customer satisfaction, therefore all of their products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want to take some of the edge of your pregnancy and find the right maternity clothes for you and your tummy, visit
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